Czech caddies ready for the tournament

The Czech Caddy Association has become one of the partners of the D+D REAL Czech Masters tournament. They are planning on providing up to fifteen caddies to be at disposal for the players at all times.

,,We have secured local caddies to be available to those players who are used to hiring a caddy when arriving at a tournament. Our caddies have a rich experience of game at the Albatross golf resort, must masters the English language and know all the rules and regulations by heart,” adds David Trunda, the General Director of RELMOST.

In the Czech Republic, the association of professional caddies was founded three years ago. It has 60 members. The applicants go through a four-phase system of training led by a referee Michael Jon or the professional Petr Mruzek. There is also a tournament winner among the members. Martin Zitek was assisting the Englishman Gary Wolstenholm in 2010 when winning at the Casa Serena Open of the European Senior Tour.

There are a number of interesting written and unwritten rules that every good caddy needs to know. He must not, for example, wear golf shoes but must instead wear a smooth sole shoe.  They can also, unlike players, wear shorts. A caddy carries his or her own equipment and refreshments and carries them in his pockets or attached. Rarely does a player allow the caddy to put something in the bag. A bottle of water can be an exception.  They do not share the locker room, do not access the players’ lounge and do not stay in the same hotel. In Prague, the caddies from abroad will be staying in the Diplomat Hotel, players in Andel’s and Angelo hotel.

The topic of caddie´s reward is often on the table. In the European Tour, the official reward is 55 Euro. The bonus is a matter of a gentleman’s agreement and it usually ranges from 5 to 10%.