Jamie Donaldson wins the first Czech Masters

The first annual D+D REAL Czech Masters saw Jamie Donaldson take home the top spot. The Welsh golfer won his third title on the European Tour and received a check for 166,660 Euro. At the same time he cemented his debut position on the European Ryder Cup Team.

“The last 18 months I played very well, but I just couldn’t secure a victory. I finally broke the streak in the Czech Republic. I felt really great since beginning of the week. The course fit well with me since the first moment. At Wednesday’s Pro-Am tournament, I played an eagle on the very first hole. The weather was mostly similar, especially on Sunday, to what we can expect in Gleneagles, home to the Ryder Cup, “said Donaldson. Additionally, during the press conference, he promised to come back next year and defend the title.

An interesting story goes along with Donaldson’s caddy. His permanent caddy was on holiday this week, so Ken Herring, stable caddy for Marc Warren, rose to the occasion and filled in. Of course, Marc won last week in Denmark with Ken and this week with Donaldson at Albatross. For Herring these were well paid weeks. Each player gives him 10% of the winnings. All together Herring raked in over 42 thousand Euros.

Normally number 2 doesn’t get much press, but this interesting Welshman deserves a second look. Bradley Dredge; he struggled a bit in the past and lost his stable playing card in 2012. But he is a fighter and finished second last week in Denmark, after leading all three rounds. Sound familiar? It should because this week in the Czech Republic at Albatross he did it for a second time. The good news is that his second place position automatically qualifies him for a start next week in Italy. Who said number 2 couldn’t be interesting?

How to reach your dream could be a story told by Merrick Bremner. He is a member of the South African Sunshine Tour, not the European Tour. To play the previous tournament in Denmark was a shot in the dark. If there would be a place on the start list for him he would take a chance. There was, but unfortunately he didn’t make the cut. On Sunday evening, he arrived with a group of players to Prague without being placed on the starting list. At half past ten in the evening he asked for a playing card from the tournament promoter Petr Dedek. His request was met with a maybe. He tried his request again on Monday, this time with the Tournament Director. Again he got maybe. On Tuesday he got the call we have one place left and he jumped at it. The story ends with Merrick Bremner finishing third at the Czech Masters. The single most successful event in his golfing life.

The tournament had fantastic attendance. Over the four days there were over 19 thousand spectators. The atmosphere was amazing. Next year due to delayed deadlines for tournaments throughout the European Tour, the D+D REAL Czech Masters 2015 will be held during the last week of August.

We are already looking forward to seeing you.