The Czech Masters record visitors number was surpassed, how many people attended?

Thursday’s traffic at Albatross already made it clear that this year’s visitor numbers would give the current D + D REAL Czech Masters attendance record a run for its money. And the fantastic Sunday simply confirmed it. An unbelievable total of 32,047 golf fans made their way to the only European Tour in the Czech Republic this year

For the first time ever, the number of attendees crossed the 30,000 line, as fans headed for Vysoky Újezd to watch world-class golf over the course of four tournament rounds. And they had no regrets.

On Thursday, it was clear who was the biggest draw. Though hundreds of fans arrived in the morning for Lee Westwood and Pádraig Harrington, everyone was looking forward to Ernie Els. And it was obvious on the pitch.

His afternoon TV flight was overwhelmed with crowds of people who were curious about the graceful and easy swing of Big Easy. Although he was not pleased that he did not make the cut, there was still enough to look at.

But that was true for all four days. Even the weekend, again without the Czech participation, did not prevent golf enthusiasts from descending upon Albatross, resulting in a need to add additional weekend buses from Zlicin. On Thursday and Friday their capacity had been exceeded not everybody had been able to fit, showing the tremendous level of interest in the tournament.

“As far as attendance is concerned, we have significantly increased the proportion of children under 15 years of age, which makes us very happy because they are the future of golf in the Czech Republic. There is also an increasing number of non-golfers who came to the tournament as a sporting and social event,” says Pavel Poulíček from the organizer of the tournament, Relmost.

What brings you the greatest joy with respect to the continuing popularity of the tournament? “Seeing that watching golf at the Czech Masters has become family fun. There is something for everyone at the resort. It’s no longer just about golf enthusiasts, but about families who choose between and a nature excursion or some other activity.”

“This is a great way of promoting golf, which the tournament brings to the awareness of what otherwise would be a non-golf audience, and who thereby get to know it and even start playing. That is what makes us most happy,” adds Poulíček.

And this year, the tournament saved the best for last. Sunday’s sunny weather attracted thousands of fans to Albatross, who divided themselves among the last three to four flights. Everyone then walked along to the end with the final flight in which victory was decided. It was Thomas Pieters who eventually walked to that victory.