Well-rewarded Albatross at Albatross

The D+D REAL Czech Masters tournament has a couple of nice surprises in store for the player who plays an albatross at Albatross.  This goes especially for the five-par hole nr. 1. Whoever gets the ball in in two strikes wins a trip around the world worth 1 million Czech crowns from the FISCHER travel agency.

„The idea had to be approved by the European Tour.  It is an unusual  deposit but we liked the link between albatross and Albatross´´, says David Trunda, the General Director of RELMOST, the promoter.

There are rewards waiting at all three-par holes. On the 3rd, the author of the first ace strike wins a brand new apartment, on the 7th, there is a luxury watch, the 13th hole is occupied by a first-class  Hästens bed and the 16th by a Mercedes-Benz GLA 45 AMG 4MATIC.

Statistics show a high success rate at all the tournaments organized by RELMOST. There was a hole- in-one at the last three events – both this and last year at Kuneticka Hora and also at the Slovakia Challenge a couple of weeks ago.