D+D REAL Czech Masters is cancelled in 2020.

Based on the spread of the Corona Virus in the global scale and the epidemic restrictions happening in Czech Republic, in the name of the precautions which we are in line with. We have made a decision than the promoter agency RELMOST, a.s. as an exclusive European Tour partner has to make this unavoidable cancellation.

Considering that the effects of the epidemic spread cannot be predicted at this time. We decided to act in the manner which is painful for us as golf promoters and the golf fans at the same time. But the reasons are quite clear, Considering the volume of the preparations for the Czech Masters and also to keep honest and clear business relations with our partners and to stay open with our golfing community.

We have stopped all the preparations for the D+D REAL Czech Masters, being part of the world series of European Tour in 2020. However we do have reserved date for the week of 19-22 August 2021 .

With this announcement there are coming also the cancellation of the other Czech Challenge tour events and the same goes for Slovakian Challenge tour. The same thing applies for these tournaments as they have their place in the schedule of 2021.

We believe that you understand this decision and We would have your support in the future.

Petr Dědek