The interactive village – fun time for the whole family

,,For us the interactive village with the family zone is the key product. To simplify – it is a space where one can relax, enjoy tasty refreshments and learn something new. Visitors will also be able to take a number of fun presents. It is a cross-generational program or golfers as well as non-golfers‘‘, explains David Trunda, the general director of RELMOST.

And what is there to find in the interactive village? SNAG golf. This is an interactive form of golf played with special golf clubs and balls. It is meant mainly for children but can be a great deal of fun for adults as well. The Slavicek Golf Academy students will be at disposal to assist and explain the basic rules for newcomers. Another stand will be occupied by MindFormer, a company which specializes in teaching languages through the method of mind maps. No more drilling- this method is based on creating thought association. The interactive village has been prepared with the vision of creating a cross-generation platform. Senior Fitnes together with the Czech Golf association of Handicapped will enable the visitors to try what it is like to play in a special wheelchair for disabled. Each stand will give out chips which can be changed into merchandizing gifts such BRUDRA T-shirts, hats and other golf accessories created especially for this tournament. Ladies can let themselves be treated to a cosmetics package or enjoy a beauty treatment. Drinks will be served by Red Bull and Pisner Urquell.

Moreover, R&A and Ryder Cup together with the PGA of Europe have decided to bring their new project – Golf Road Show – to the Czech Republic, contributing to the development of golf on a local level. These organizations have expressed a strong faith in the future of golf in this country.

The tented village will be available to public from Thursday till Sunday (21 – 24 August) always from 9 am till the evening. Friday RedBull is throwing a party. Saturday 23 August we are planning a picnic for families at the 16th. In the evening at 7pm visitors will be able to enjoy a concert of a popular Czech band called Eddie Stoilow. There will be refreshment stands spread across the golf course. Glenmorangie – the official spirit of the tournament- will introduce a special drink, wine will be provided by Via Vini from Moravia. We also recommend to try our Czech Masters Ice Coffee.


View of the main public space. Partner merchandizing stands with goods and services on the perimeter. RedBull tent in the middle, Eddie Stoilow stage on the left where interviews with players will take place too.


View from the Albatross Clubhouse. VIP sector on the right, media center on the left.